Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lindsay's Birthday Week Part 1

The big 2-4! Well if you know us, you know we absolutely love celebrating birthdays, and this year was no exception.

If it's your birthday and it's 8 AM that probably means Little Magdaline (Maggie Taylor) is in your kitchen making cinnamon buns. That's exactly how Lindsay started off her 24th birthday. It was deliciously delightful and such a great way to start the day!

After roomie breakfast, we went our separate ways. I headed to work at Horn Group- I'm not sure if I've updated everyone on my life, but I'm now an AAE at a digital communications agency! anywho... Nicole headed to Macy's where she is an Event Coordinator, Maggie did her music and babysitting thing and Lindsay went off to start celebrating. She enjoyed her day with Emily, Cody and Will. They went to Room Service, a thai restaurant in Hells Kitchen. From what she said, lunch was absolutely amazing. Her day was just getting better and better.

What Lindsay didn't know is I was scheming... and when I scheme, something awesome is going to happen.

So we all ended up back at 75 Powers. The roomies + Paul Sabala (an unplanned surprise) went to this adorable pizza place down the street for Linday's birthday dinner. We enjoyed pizza and vodka ginger ales. Or at least that's what we thought we were enjoying... "Monica we have that entire bottle of vodka on the fridge that we can bring!" - Lindsay - Well when Lindsay Schwak is telling you about the kind of liquor stored in your home, always double check. ALWAYS. We ended up enjoying pizza and rum ginger ales. Ya, we made the best of it.

After an awesome dinner full of laughter and fun, I suggested we go to this speak easy in Williamsburg. I had been there before with some soccer friends and just knew Lindsay and the gang would love it. The speak easy is called Larry Lawrence. I warned everyone that it was hard to find (hence the term "speak easy") but people weren't prepared for the awesomeness that was before them.

I lead Lindsay through a door that did NOT look like an entrance to a bar and down a long hallway until we found another door. We walked in and right before her eyes were all of her friends! SHE HAD NO IDEA!! Bwahahahaha. Yes, I just gave myself a pat on the back.

The birthday week had officially begun...

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